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La Vache Transistor

Started by jcuempire, August 29, 2011, 02:53:28 PM

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Hello.  I am having trouble getting the 2n3565 for the La Vache.  How horrible would it be to use a 2n5088?  Has anyone subbed the 3565?  And with what results?  I guess I could socket it and see if I can find a 3565 later.  But I was curious if anyone else has tried it.  Thanks


Let me preface this by saying that I haven't built this one.... yet. However, the stock unit uses a 5088, so it will work fine. Using the 2n3565 was a mod Brian did to give, as the project doc says, "much greater single note clarity without compromising the overall tone or distortion amount." You can get the 2N3565 at smallbear. But if that's all you need, I would just socket the 5088 like you said and order some the next time you need more stuff. Hope that helps a little.



Thanks, Ian.  I guess I kind of answered my own question with that one.  I might as well try the 5088 like you said.  (I have a dozen of them) I would still be interested to see if anyone has done that and what they thought.  Thanks again