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Lectric FX Dis Dis
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:57:26 PM »
I don't have build pix yet but should get this beast boxed up over the weekend.  This take on the MXR Distortion II is very cool in that it addresses the shortcomings of the original.  I'd built up a board I picked up from Rullywow a while back that nailed the original circuit which tends to be a tad noisy because you have to crank the Gain, Filter and Volume and roll off most of the Resonance.  And the pedal was still too low in volume and dark to be really usable.  The Resonance is the secret weapon of this pedal and it sounds very smooth.  The Gain control on the Dis Dis is useable from min to max and an extra opamp in the circuit gives it enough level at any setting.  The Filter control has it's range bumped up a bunch and the Resonance (a second drive circuit altogether) can go from a fairly normal sounding distortion to a smooth and thick beast.  I'd mentioned in the Rullywow build report that it's kind of a "King's-X in a box" and this version makes it even more so.
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