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Dis Dis
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:29:36 PM »
I don't have any pix yet but just a note to say:

This thing kills.

It makes up for the majority of the Dist II shortcomings.  If you've ever used one of the originals (or any of the clones) you have to dime the Filter and Gain controls while running the Resonance control at less than 9 o'clock.  The Volume will likely be within the last mm of rotation.  Even then it's dark and under powered.

This version ups the output to usable gain ranges from min to max.  The Filter control can be used at any setting and the Resonance, while still making the signal dark, has a much more generous range.  This is a very different OD from anything we normally deal with and I still stick by my "King's X in a box" verbage of Rullywow's board.  Very smooth and once boxed up will likely give my other OD's a run for alpha status.  The added output range is the deal breaker here, the original circuit killed in spades but lacked the output.

Nicely done guys and pix to follow.
Gordy Power
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