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Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, September 07, 2011, 07:07:38 PM

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What velcro do you guys use to keep your pedals on your board? I bought some stuff from a local fabric store and everytime I take my PT-pro out of it gig bag, almost all my pedals have completely fallen off. It must be weak glue on the velcro that's on the pedals..
I found this stuff, any other suggestions?
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I like this stuff, it is only $2.50 a package from our local walmart and is in the craft/fabric section as well as home improvement..  The strips are about 3/4" wide so you can get it on 1590a's just cutting it to length.  Three +/-4" of strips is enough to hold a 1590DD in place on my board.
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I've been using the stuff provided with Pedaltrains for a long time. Its not the most economical to continue buying new pedalboards just to get the Velcro.

I have found that getting pedals to stick to boards has more to do with the preparationg of the pedal's surface than anything. Always stick Velcro to metal, not the rubber.  Clean a surface with an alcohol base liquid and allow it to dry. Allow the glue of the Velcro to 'cure' for at least a day before you start putting the pedal on a pedalboard. Store pedalboards flat, so no undue stress is on the Velcro.

3M industrial Velcro is apparently a good type to use. It is very hard to get off, so be sure you want to use it. Dual lock is the same.

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JoAnn Fabrics wide strip velcro, I think it's made by 3M.  I agree with the poster who said (I think Jacob)  that the surface needs to be clean and FLAT.  I had troubles with a TS9 pedal sticking because the rubber already on the bottom is not flat and the velcro was recessed in the rubber so there was not much of a surface for the hooks to grab the felt on the Pedal Train.  I tore the rubber off the bottom of the TS9 (and saved it incase I ever sell or trade teh pedal).  No problems since.  I also tore off the backing of the MXR Phaser as it was pitted and coming off, traded for it.  Listen, I have a Vox ToneLab LE velcro'd to my Pedal Train and it has never moved.  Of course, whenever possible, for example transporting, I store the Pedal Train flat.  When I am transporting, in the car/truck it lays flat.  It is only vertical when I carry it, but hey it is the large Pedal Train with the Boss AW-3, TS-9, Glitterratti, GGG ITS8, MXR Phase 90, Behringer NR200, Vox Tonelab LE, Line 6 DL4, Behringer EM600, Boss BF-2, and FatPants all on board.  It is heavy and I knock it around a lot when I carry it from vehicle into venue.  Ain't never had a pedal budge.



I am convinced this is the strongest velcro around. I have two boxes of it. The black stuff seems a little stronger than the white. The adhesive is like a really strong single part epoxy that pretty much doesn't ever come off of anything without a fight, I use tiny little strips on my pedals just so I can get them off the board a little easier.

EDIT: Haha, NVM didn't see your first link Magic, yeah that's the good stuff.


I  stopped painting the bottoms of pedals and replace the bottoms on production ones with bare metal lids. the velcro sticks to bare metal a bit better. I find it helps to put the velcro on and let it sit for about 24 hours for the adhesive to migrate onto the pedals surface before putting any stress on the bond. I only use the heavy duty velcro brand. I buy the 15 yard rolls at home depot and they last quite a long time
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Well I see a few of my mistakes, storing my pedalboard sitting up(not enough room for it  :-\) and I definitely did not give the glue any dry time before sticking the pedals on. I'll just grab the heavy duty stuff, I'm sure it will hold  ;D
Now will I be able to get it off down the road with goof-off?
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I store my PT-2 (hardcase) vertically.  I've never had a problem with pedals falling off.  I don't usually wait 24 hrs for the adhesive to stick to a new pedal, but once it's on the board I don't move it for a couple days so it "sets up"  I use the 3m heavy duty from Lowes or Home Depot.  I do clean the surface on the bottom of the pedal with rubbing alcohol like Jacob mentioned before I apply.

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I use that velcro and it works great. I got it at home hardware up here in Canada.


Bout to order some of that good stuff and found a place to store it sitting down  :)
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I use dual lock instead of velcro. Its a little more expensive but the stuff is SOLID


Quote from: Jamiroking on September 09, 2011, 09:31:22 PM
I use dual lock instead of velcro. Its a little more expensive but the stuff is SOLID
I'd love to use that stuff, but the thought of removing all my velcroed stuff to replace it with dual lock sounds like a nightmare. dual lock wont stick to regular velcro will it?
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QuoteI'd love to use that stuff, but the thought of removing all my velcroed stuff to replace it with dual lock sounds like a nightmare. dual lock wont stick to regular velcro will it?

Yeah I'd imagine that would be a royal messy pain. I doubt the dual lock will work with velcro since the way it works is having little plastic mushroom heads on each side lock in together. That's why both sides are the same unlike the different materials with velcro