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DC power jack?

Started by PaxWorks, September 08, 2011, 02:24:30 AM

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Hey guys I'm building a Sabertooth for a buddy of mine and I'm trying to get everything from Smallbear.

What power jack should I Get?

Also anyone have experience with this build? Should I mod anything?


get these ones.

I wouldn't mod anything on that one. it's pretty cool as it is. works great with guitar or bass. good luck with your build.
I got blisters on my fingers!!!


If anything, i would try the mastotron mods or maybe try out different transistors, but its hard to beat this circuit as is.  Its a fuzz face style circuit, so in general, you should keep it simple.  Ive tried about 15 different transistor types in this circuit in different gain ranges and found i liked the stock configuration the best.  I even tried bc108's and 2n2222a's, which are generally my favorite silicons, but the 3904's had just the right amount of bite.  Ive always wanted to build a germanium version of this pedal, but havent tried it yet.  I bet it would sound great, but it would be hard to find just the right set of transistors.  Let us know how the build goes. 


Thanks GUYS! I'll post the build once I'm done.