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Tracing from photos

Started by claytushaywood, February 04, 2018, 03:01:05 AM

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I ended up buying some pedals.  There arent any schematics out there for them and they are way beyond my tracing abilities.  Is there anywhere I could post pictures of the boards where I may find people that would be interested in tracing them?

I have a cbread echorec, keeley neutrino, and can access the cbread talisman and valcoder.

I'm gona attempt to trace the valcoder- and I know the mutron has been done but I think the neutrino is a fantastic modern version of it.  But the others are out of my league.  Thought Id offer to put the pics out there.


I believe the echorec is mostly based around a DSP core, so a trace wouldn't be terribly useful (though I imagine some folks would enjoy the pre-amp for the mojo).

As for where to post tracing threads, I imagine freestompboxes "circuit analysis" section is likely the best place to find clever minds congregating. Though the forum's vibe is occasionally a bit rougher than the laid back feel of MBP, its got a larger pool of eyes to show to.

edit: ok, so I was thinking of the belle epoch when I was thinking of the pre-amp. No idea about what the Echorec is running under the hood.


Maybe Ill try tracing the neutrino myself.  Thought there may be a subforum to post pics for people that were into tracing circuits.  I kinda wish people would post pics of some of the stuff I'd really like to get into!