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Does the Pork Barrel Invert the phase? Will it work with Buff N Blend?

Started by bscur, February 24, 2018, 10:02:04 PM

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The Pork Barrel question made me curious if I could use a Buff N Blend (creates a mix knob) With the Pork Barrel. The GuitarPCB site mentioned trouble if the pedal inverts the phase. Does the Pork Barrel do this? It seems like a good pedal to add this on to.


IIRC and as is usual with BOSS stuff, non inverting transistor input buffer, inverting pre-emphasis stage, inverting de-emphasis stage so no, it doesn't invert the phase :)
Works at Lectric-FX


No idea about phase inversion, but I used a little vero blend circuit ( and a capacitor switch to turn a Pork Barrel into a CE-2B.  Works great!