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Lowrider - distorted sound. ICs burnt?

Started by AlleMux, April 19, 2013, 09:46:09 AM

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Hey man... good pics, thanks.   I can see quite a few problems with your soldering on the rear of the board.  This is the first port of call before troubleshooting your circuit, and could well be the fix.  The good news is this is easily remedied... with the right tools and technique solder connections can be easily flowed and reflowed many times without damaging the board or components.

I've personally found spending time watching good youtube tutorials to improve my technique...  Check out this 3 part series by EEV blog.  Somewhat long winded but amusing & very well covered.  It will give you a really good understanding of how to nail your soldering.  Of course, there are others online as well. There are probably also threads in this forum if you have a search.

Good luck man, the Lowrider is a pretty epic circuit... let us know how you get on :)


When I started to explore the world of building guitar pedals I knew I had to learn a lot, and I'm sure that asking pros on this site and practicing with the right advices are great ways to improve my technique.

Thank you nzCdog, for your precious time. As soon as possible I'll give you news about my challenge  ;)