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I think I just committed robbery

Started by Leevibe, September 05, 2018, 12:33:07 PM

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I've had a particular toggle switch stored in a "project" on Arrow Electronics for months. I got an email with a 15% code and notice they are doing free overnight shipping, so I ordered the switch yesterday. The price shipped, after tax, was cheaper than the normal pre-tax price for the part and I now have the part!

It was a single locking lever mini DPDT switch but it was double ESD bagged and then shipped in a box that could have held hundreds of them. Then there were three additional ESD baggies-- one for the nuts, and one each for the washers. It's like I broke into someone's house and said, "Give me all your money" and they said "Here you go, but don't leave without taking a fresh baked cookie. And here's the keys to the car. There's a coupon for a free wash and wax in the glove box."


Wow, who does free overnight shipping... Nobody, that's who.


They lose a little bit of money on every sale, but they make it up in volume.
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Quote from: pickdropper on September 05, 2018, 02:44:09 PM
They lose a little bit of money on every sale, but they make it up in volume.
For some reason, I enjoy pretending that Arrow is a front for organized crime, and the losses on parts orders are intentional or don't matter compared to the "real" shipments.
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