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Boosted Boneyard II

Started by pryde, January 11, 2014, 04:14:41 AM

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Here is a Boneyard II with a AMZ mosFET boost stuck in front of it. This was built for a guy who loved the high-gain side of the original BY and wanted an "even more" option.
I changed a couple values on the pcb back to the original boneyard and used a 500k pot for the gain. This with the AMZ boost pushing it is just ridiculous (in a good way). I just love the mighty boneyard!
Went for a simple yet functional etched top plate on rough sanded aluminum. I left some of the toner on the copper clad for a really cool distressed look. I like it.


Awesome! Your faceplate looks like an old whisky label. I love it.


Really dig it! Faceplate is killer!

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That faceplate is awesome. Is that just Black FR4?


Jumping on the faceplate love bandwagon. Awesome!


Quote from: billstein on January 11, 2014, 05:01:21 AM
That faceplate is awesome. Is that just Black FR4?

No just a copper-clad etch. I just left some toner on instead of sanding it all off clean.


Wow, awesome build!!!! That faceplate is a thing of beauty.....

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