Author Topic: Usefulness of changing first set of diodes + getting parts in Asia  (Read 729 times)


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I am tempted to do a rotary diode switch mod on a les lius clone. There are two sets of diodes in the les lius schematic I have. First, two diodes in parallel, and then another (two) set(s that you can switch between with a toggle switch).

For simplicities sake, I'd like to put the rotary switch on the first set. But - will that have any real effect on the sound? In theory, as far as I understand it, if the latter set of diodes clip more than the first set, then it is only the latter set that actually has any effect. I'm imagining a sine wave getting clipped to a certain point by the latter diodes, regress of whether the wave was clipped a little bit before or not? (but then how does stacking gain stages make any difference if you go, say, od into dist rather than vice versa?).

I am using the les lius schematic here, if that helps:

Secondly - I live in Asia, and parts from Das Musikding takes ages to ship over. But, they are cheaper than Mouser Malaysia, for example! If anyone has any ideas or sources for cheaply getting individual parts out here, I'd greatly appreciate it. (You'd have thought it would be cheaper here than in European sites, but Google hasn't been fruitful!)


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