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Mo Muff And a bit of Peach Fuzz

Started by bigmufffuzzwizz, October 19, 2011, 09:40:31 PM

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Here's a few more that I've been working on. First are 3 more Violet Rams Head BM's built on gruntboxes, such an awesome MB/CJ collab! I still have a nice stack of them  ;D
I wanted to try and build 3 of the same pedals w/ different caps, see if there was a huge change in tone between them. I used green Mylar in one, cheap-o ceramics in the second and poly film box caps on the third one. All the ceramics (.1uf) read in the .08-.09uf range so they were maxed on their tolerance. The rest measured out pretty close to what they should be. They were all very close with the ceramics sounding a bit more treble-y. While they all sounded great individually, there is just something about the one fitted with poly film caps. It made such pleasant sounds to my ears.
They all have Q1-3 emitter resistors bypassed, limiting resistors increased (think I'm gonna make them higher on the next builds, 15k-22k), mids knob added and tone stacked is slightly tweaked. The box cap version is for a very special doom metal guru, who I met this past summer and am quite excited to hear what he has to say about it.  :)
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Sweet builds Magic. I like. Thanks too for the report on the caps, because I've always been curious. The wisdom in my head says there should be no real difference. How slight is it?

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Second is an awesome muff/fuzz variant. I got the board over at guitarpcb awhile back, took forever to get around to it. It sounds identical to the demos of the real one I listened to on youtube, I was stunned. Fat tone but doesn't really go overboard. Sounds way heavier when playing chords. My buddy has been asking for one so I let him take it. Works real great on a dirty tube amp...muff bliss!! Arcylic paint by my lovely girlfriend, I think she did such an awesome job.

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Quote from: bigmufffuzzwizz on October 19, 2011, 09:47:21 PM
Second is an awesome muff/fuzz variant. Arcylic paint by my lovely girlfriend, I think she did such an awesome job.

Great enclosure!! Think your girlfriend has a new career :D


great work magic!  I totally dig the girlfriend art, too.
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Quote from: jkokura on October 19, 2011, 09:44:22 PM
The wisdom in my head says there should be no real difference. How slight is it?

The real problem is I didn't get a chance to A/B/C them. As soon as I finished the first 2 (green mylar and ceramics) the guys came to grab them. I got a chance to play those two together and the ceramics was a bit different, but I think that was due to the way they were reading out. If you decrease the audio signal caps, it's supposed to increase the treble. The amount they were off was very small (12-20nf) so I can't say whether it was due to their value or the cap material itself. That ceramic one's treble side of the tone knob was gnarly and definitely different from the other one. That one was for a bass player so I saw it very fitting.
They still all had the same familiar qualities that I could recognize right away. The box film cap is probably my favorite I've done so far, first time it was all box caps (except one small mylar  ;D). I'll try to A/B w/ the others if I can get a chance (one's out on tour right now) before I have to ship it, but that will be the path I follow from here.

She says many thanks. Her abilities are a new discovery to the both of us! There's more in store..
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Awesome! glad to see you finished those. I was wondering myself how these were going to sound! I still want one really badly, this is a serious monster of a fuzz pedal.


Very cool bro.  I like the handpainted one, its awesome  8)
Tidy guts there too!


nice builds man, thanks for the report.
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