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Dinky Drive

Started by jcuempire, October 24, 2011, 02:59:04 PM

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Has anyone out there built the Dinky Drive when it was available?  Or recently, with Haberdasher's PCB service?  I am wondering what people thought of it.  The Rump Roast sounds so good, I was thinking the DD might as well.  Thanks



I have one. The tone controls are really weird. But, I spent a lot of time with it one day and got a sound I was happy with out of it. It is kind of a "quiet" pedal. It's near unity gain at full tilt.

Basically the sound I ended up with through my Deluxe Reverb was a great REM type of tone. I was learning "The One I Love" for a fill-in gig and it pretty much nailed that sound. Not really gainy or boosty, just adds some chimey grind.

So I think it's worthwhile if you are looking for that sound. Otherwise it's not really versatile like most other OD pedals.

Not sure if that helps or not!


That helps alot, actually.  I build these over the top fuzz pedals for fun, but I have no intention of ever using them.  The REM sound is more use to me. I use my Fetzer Valve most of the time for that type of sound.  Thanks for the info, I might try the DD out.