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Two channels, one stomp
« on: March 02, 2019, 06:51:45 AM »
OK, let's say I need to switch between two pots in order to have two different settings for the volume at the end of an effect. With a 3pdt stomp it would be fairly easy to do all the switching including two LEDs. But in reality I need to switch 4 pots in total, that is gain and volume per channel, so a 4pdt stomp would do it but there would be no room for a status-LED.
So, here's my question: if I only switch the output (connected to the wiper) between the two pots and leave the input and GND connected then the circuit upstream will see half the resistance, i.e. the two pots in parallel.
Shall I double the pots' resistance to get the same impedance of the original circuit?
If this would be enough I could still do everything with a 3PDT, which would be great especially because I already have it!

EDIT: Obviously I wouldn't be able to exactly double the values, I should do 1x10k replaced by 2x25k in parallel and so on...
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