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Started by dwstanford, November 09, 2011, 04:09:04 AM

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I just got all my parts in for the dirtbag delay and i just noticed that on the prototypes there were some larger 1 or 1/2 watt resistors and a big 470uf electrolytic.   Those werent listed on the bill of materials so i'm assuming the new layout doesn't call for them? 


the 470uF was probably replaced with a 100uf or something, it's gotta be for power supply filtering.

and 1/4W or even 1/8W resistors will be fine.


SWEET.  Cant wait to get the pcb.  I'm ready to build that slut!


The original Deluxe Memory Man ran off 24V AC, so it needed larger value caps and higher wattage resistors in the circuit that produced the +15V and -15V to run different parts of the circuit.

The Dirtbag's power setup is a little different so doesn't needs parts of that tolerance.


Yep, the power section was altered to allow +15 for MN3005 and 9v operation for v3205. So, no power adaptor or positive ground in the Dirtbag.