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Etching Supplies for Aussies
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:39:34 PM »
I tried etching for the first time last yr but had troubles, not sure if it was my old printer or the paper i was using but either way it didnt work out for me. I recently decided to give it another go after getting a new laser printer. First time i tried using some glossy magazine paper but it didnt work out well, next try i used some leftover contact paper backing (shiny side) i had bought from bunnings (remove the self adhesive paper and use the shiny side of the backing paper to print on), did the heat transfer method (clothes iron set to maximum) and it worked great. I then etched using 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part hydrochloric acid (*remember to add acid to water).

The brand of contact paper was "Boyle 1.5m x 45cm Self Adhesive Film"  bought form Bunnings (craft section)
Printer was a Brother HL-L2305W mono laser printer from Office Works
Hydrochloric acid can be bought from bunnings in the pool section.
Hydrogen Peroxide can be bought from most supermarkets/chemists.

**Be sure to wear rubber gloves, eye protection when using the Hydrochloric Acid+Hydrogen Peroxide mix, and dip in water/bi carb soda after etching. Again, add acid to water when mixing Hydrochloric Acid+Hydrogen Peroxide. Lastly, dont use a metallic container to etch in.

Just thought id share what worked for me. Cheers!

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