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Breadbuddy idea(s)
« on: November 15, 2019, 10:09:58 PM »
I think its great that you have some bread buddies up. I might just draft these up myself, but I wasn't sure if other people would find them useful as well.

These came up from my own experiences with breadboarding, so I know there is at least one person who would find these useful  ;)  but I figured other tinkerers could add to this or maybe support some of these "useful suggestions".

Breadbuddy for DPDT on-on-on toggle switch for "path" switching.  I would say for capacitors switching, but it does have a much broader application.

Breadybuddy for 3PDT or 4PDT toggle switch for making multiple changes to a circuit at multiple points.
This one is probably not as broadly applicable to people useful to as many people, but I've come across a couple situations where I wanted to be able to switch clipping diodes, and switch the gain stage resistor to compensate for the volume loss, and at the same time switch the signal path.  Again, not common but could be useful.

Breadbuddy for 16mm and 9mm Dual gang potentiometers
I'm not sure  how other people use dual gangs on their breadboards, but i have to spread them out, or connect large lengths of wire to them for the 16 mm.  But I know smallbear has the 9mm PC mounted one (like in the PING reverb) but i would think that something for this so that right angle pins could be attached would make testing out dual gang potentiometer situations MUCH easier.

and lastly...
Breadybuddy for rotary switches. Man are these thing big, and even the smaller ones like miniature 1P8T and 2P4T don't look so breadboard friendly. The 1P6T is another good one too.

Thanks for your time looking over this, like I said these are based off of challenges I've run into while breadboarding, and seeing the new breadbuddies made me go "Oh yeah" that is really really helpful!!!