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newb question.. 1/8 vs. 1/4 watt resistors

Started by okeephoss, May 27, 2021, 02:02:52 AM

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recently populated the Setback delay with mostly 1/8 r's though the build doc calls for 1/4.  powers up fine, no burning.  but effect is non existent.  Desoldered all 1/8 as it's the only thing i can see as wrong in the build.  Gonna repopulate w 1/4 watt r's Could that be the issue? thx


No, the 1/8 watters were probably fine to use. As a rule of thumb, any resistance value over 200 ohms, 1/8 watt is fine to use Instead of 1/4 watt. I wouldn't change out the 1/8 watt resistors.
Does the dry signal go through when the effect is engaged? If not, you have something miswired.
Most likely you have a BBD biasing issue if the dry signal is going through


dry signal comes through with and without pedal engaged... when I turn the MIX pot up all the way dry signal cuts out.  so, yeah, I think it's a wiring issue... gonna replace w 1/4 watts anyway.  thanks for the info.  built a bunch of these years ago but getting back into it now.  kinda forgot about the frustration of building and waiting for parts only to have it not work.  I'll figure it out..


If the BBD bias is not set correctly, only dry signal will go through the effect. You can turn the mix knob so only "wet" or BBD signal goes through and SLOWLY adjust the bias trimmer until the effect comes through.
Good luck


man... I still got nothing.... no effect when engaged.  triple, quadruple checked all values and wiring... still no wet effect with mix turned up to max.  any other ideas? 


Maybe look for shorting, probably in or around the Mix pot or elsewhere that only affects the wet signal.

Also check to make sure the bypass switch and tails switch are wired like shown in the PDF.