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UAD Luna anyone?
« on: January 24, 2020, 12:49:04 AM »
Has anyone else been following UADís announcement of their new LUNA DAW? I lurked on a couple UAD and Gearslutz threads that mostly devolved into Mac vs PC wars and a lot of angry speculation about its worthlessness.

I have to say that Iím pretty interested in this. I doubt Iím going to stop using LPX any time soon but I can imagine this greatly speeding up tracking and possibly mixing. Thereís more useful info in this Warren Huart video than anything else Iíve seen.

Iím kind of excited about it! I recently started using an Apollo twin MkII duo and Iím on a Mac so Iíll be ready to give it a whirl when they release it. I do wish the Neve summing were free but considering that theyíre offering the whole daw for free Iím not going to complain.

The relevant part of the video starts around 11:00.

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