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Tayda temporarily offering UV printing....

Started by Drew Hallenbeck, February 19, 2020, 10:36:50 PM

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Drew Hallenbeck

I just placed an order for some of the random stuff I do trust from Tayda and noticed this in their "enclosures" category.
Looks like the offer expires on Feb 26th so I guess they're just testing the waters...? I'd be interested to see how their printing works out. Maybe I'll mock up a simple graphic and submit another order just to see how they look.
I also noticed they're offering custom drilling now too. Anybody had any experience with that? I typically don't mind doing my own drilling. I've always had pretty good results with a center punch, a step bit and a little patience. On a few occasions I've done multiples of the same build and spent literally hours on just the drilling. Would be nice to save some time and cramped hands!
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Not for any real profit, just trying to have a self-funding hobby.


I'm guessing the price is going to go up after that date.  I'm going to find something to get printed!!!

Hey Drew, I think I see you around the FB DIY pedal groups.  I'm under Phillip Peterson.


I'm going to order a couple. I will report back after I get them.
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Well, I've ordered two black, drilled, UV printed enclosures for a couple of BE-OD clones I have that need boxing..


Got an email today saying that they're on their way....


Can't wait to see how they look.  That price is incredible


It looks like they have at least temporarily ceased to offer the service. The UV printing page now says "We apologise but the product or page that you requested was not found on our server."

To Drew's question about the drilling service, I've used that several times and been quite happy with the results.


Still up for me - $4 instead of $2 though. Willybomb - what did the files look like that you sent them?


QuoteWillybomb - what did the files look like that you sent them?

These are the images I'm getting printed on black powdercoat predrilled enclosures.  The white background/gaps is supposed to be transparent in the .eps files, so will (should) be black due to the enclosures.  Still waiting for them to arrive shouldn't be too far off.  I didn't spend a lot of time on them, and vectorising takes some detail out so I kept them simple intentionally.


Got mine today. Overall, I think it's quite nice (the printing). I think the box finish probably isn't really powdercoat. I'd guess enamel? Just a guess though. Might be some kind of special "Chineseum" formulation of powdercoat.

I think the quality is there, at least for single-color. I assume multi-color would work as well, but I only ordered a simple design.

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Wow, that looks great! I hope they keep this service around and relatively affordable.


Holycrap ! It's way better than I expected !!! Will this be the end of me going to the print shop to make stickers oO and the end of dropy lacker oO!!!

Space Monkey

Have not tried the UV printing yet but I did try the drilling/powdercoating service recently and the results were really good. Accurate drilling and smooth finish.

UV option is still visible for me when I visit the site.