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Dead End FX Grimafuzz

Started by Hexjibber, May 28, 2020, 08:42:36 AM

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Hellooo out there, hope everyone is staying well!

Latest project is the Grimafuzz from Dead End FX. I recently built the PedalPCB Super Heterodyne Receiver and really liked the fuzz section of it, a Madbean forum member was kind enough to point me in the direction of a DeadEndFx board of just that section of the PLL so got on it straight away! It's a thick, nasty, somewhat gated fuzz thing and I dig it! The board also has some cool features such as a blend pot so it can be used on bass.

Reverse etched and then painted, also tried some splatter painting for something a bit different, I really like how it came out.


Sweetyness and that etch came out great! Very tidy! 8)
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The color scheme makes me think of Welcome to Night Vale, I dig it.


That's an etch?  Holy crap.  Nicely done!


Betty Wont

There it is! nice work. I really dig this circuit.



That etch looks like a silkscreen. Impressive. I can't decide which of your two recent build posts I like better. This one or the Aztec Factory:


Damn, that is a thing of beauty!! Nice work


Thanks guys, had more of a sit down session with this pedal over the weekend, I'm really into it now!


impressive build as I have come to expect from you. I really dig the colour blend and the dark area at the trigger pot is the icing on the cake. this surely isn't easy to really get that smooth.
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Was just digging around to see if there were any builds of the Grimafuzz online, and found this build report. Really fantastic looking build!