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Sandstorm (Ibanez SD9) - LED clipping?

Started by Bucksears, July 07, 2020, 11:15:29 PM

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Got the Sandstorm board last week and (while recovering from surgery this week) have just started looking over the topology, getting ready to build.
I noticed with the clipping, it has 1N914 (stock), as well as 3mm LEDs and BAT41 diodes.
Looking at the toggle on the schematic, though, it looks like the LEDs are on all the time, and you're either switching between 1N914 + LED, LED only and BAT41 + LED.

Is that accurate? Are the LEDs giving the circuit the boost in volume that it's been missing?
Or do the LEDs clip (significantly) on their own?


The diode pairs with the lowest forward voltage are the ones that get clipped. So, even with LEDs in parallel with 1n914 or BAT41, their influence on the actual clipping is negligible in those selections. It's just a bit or trickery to use an SPDT to get the three selections instead of something like an On/On/On DPDT.


The VFE Scream has some soft clipping LED's set up in a similar manner. I learned how this works when I used a couple of 1n914 in series per side (rather than just one). With two in series, the forward voltage is closer to the LEDs, so the LEDs light up and you can hear the two different kinds of clipping when set to only use the 1n914's.

I'm building the sandstorm now and I'm not sure it will be the same for it but I'll prob socket the LEDs or just leave them out for a no clipping option.