Author Topic: deadendfx E. Nigma issues (Lovetone Flanger clone) -- rate too fast  (Read 666 times)


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I built Dead End FX's E. Nigma, which is a Lovetone Flanger clone. The biasing instructions weren't working for me but after a lot of playing around, I'm finally getting flange sounds.

Problem is, even with the rate knob turned all the way down, it's modulating at about 6Hz. That's as slow as it goes, for both the flanger and tremolo sections. I'm unable to get a traditional slow sweep flanger sound, although this pedal is capable of that, based on youtube videos.  A secondary issue is that I only get strong flanging in the noisiest bias range of the BBD.

Any initial suggestions? What might cause the rate to be too fast? Here is a link to the build document:


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Re: deadendfx E. Nigma issues (Lovetone Flanger clone) -- rate too fast
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2020, 09:35:25 AM »
Sounds like youve made a mistake somewhere.

The LFO is generated by the TL074 or quad op amp. Id check the capacitors around that.

As for biasing, I always found the pedal very easy to bias, even with Cool Audiop BBDs
The original used Panasonic MN3207/MN3101