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Impressed with the Two Notes Captor X

Started by jubal81, July 27, 2020, 06:41:36 PM

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Had a Two Notes Captor X for about a week and I'm loving it. Just about never get the house to myself since the pandemic started, so been looking for a silent option.

Playing my whole setup through headphones doesn't have quite the same feel, but it sounds really pretty good and the X has a few features that make up for it. Twin tracker is a lot of fun and the reverbs sound great, if not a little over the top for my tastes.

Also, the software is really simple and intuitive. Still have some things to figure out, though, like assigning the presets to the rotary switch and how to download and use other people's presets.

Only criticism so far is the lack of an aux in like the Suhr product. Just ordered a cheap mixer to get that job done.
I'm so impressed, I'm contemplating getting the CAB M pedal and building some tube preamp pedals to skip the amp altogether for home playing.
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I appreciate your feedback on the captor x.  I've been considering getting one since the original captor came out.  I love my amp tone but hate having to lug all my gear to gigs, especially since I mic my amp at every gig.  and I think the captor could fit in my pedalboard case.

If you do build the preamp pedals, I'm curious to see and hear the projects you build.  I have pondered if I should do a preamp + cab sim setup. 

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I just saw that the cabm had an update that added a silver face bassman preamp.  So it may sound decent on its own

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I just checked out the Sweetwaters demo on it, looks like a super clever and powerful unit in a small package.

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