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Ram's Head BMP (Stomptown's Notorious BIG)

Started by Bret608, October 11, 2023, 01:37:32 PM

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Here's a Ram's Head Muff I did on Stomptown's Notorious BIG board, which I got back before he closed up shop. Although the name "Sludgefeast" is a reference to a Dinosaur Jr. song, this is not based on the "J Mascis" Muff. It's the '73 #18 on Kit Rae's site, which he notes as sounding particularly good. And it does! I used BC547B per wintersoldier's suggestion. I now realize I was not fully representing when I chose to not use all purple wire. @bio77, I can't promise this won't make you want to build more fuzzes! (Teasing, I think you did something similar to this not too far back...)


Nice, and this so ins. From where were those sourced?

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Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.


This turned out fantastic! glad my recommendation worked out for you on the transistors. The lower gain really did sound better in my sound test. Love the enclosure!
Who the hell is Bucky?


Thanks, all! Jimi, I think you were asking about the knobs. I got those at Small Bear--they call them Green Russian clones or something like that. Chris, those lower gains were spot-on. They were definitely all under 290 or so but I can't remember right off. Best Muff I've heard for sure. It's like a cross between fuzz and a huge, cranked stack. I was after a bigger enclosure in this case so it'd have a bit of that old EHX vibe. And I love those UV LEDs on a bare metal enclosure!


Woo... that looks like lots of fun.  Nice build, love those knobs too  :)


Thanks, Corey! Hope all is well with you down in NZ. My family and I had a great time traveling through both islands in 2016, despite having to reroute our South Island leg due to the Kaikoura earthquake!


That looks great!  The knobs rule.  I've went on a muff kick a few years ago, so the FOMO is less on this one  ;D


Super nice! This reminded me I have a Triangulus to build and looks like the "violet" build is about on with the #18 except the diodes and pot taper.

You've also convinced me to go 1590BB, even though I dislike wiring pots :P