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Re: Dandy Horse - Resolved
« Reply #30 on: September 13, 2020, 11:47:23 PM »
Hi All,

Just an update, replaced the 220 uf Electro CAP, still getting some white noise in the output, but maybe be due to background interference. Will box it up and see if it goes away.

i think the main culprit was my 9v power plug power supply. Running on an isolated 9V supply, the voltages on IC2 is staying constant and circuit is working well. Also replaced a few Electro caps along the way in my troubleshooting so not sure if they also contributed to the fix.

One thing i can say is the quality of the PCB is really good, multiple desoldering and soldering of the same components in some cases, pulling out components, the PCB solder pads and tracks have held up really well.

Thanks again for all the support
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