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Kludgy Pog repairorama

Started by madbean, February 21, 2021, 09:49:09 PM

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My recent used POG2 had some issues. The bypass switch sounded like a cannon and was on the verge of failure. The PCB mount DC jack did not line up with the enclosure hole (it was getting pushed out of place so the DC plug was at about a 20 deg angle plugged in).

Replaced the switch with a Gorva and also the wiring between the two boards. Put in a 2-pin header for the preset switch. Ditched the jack for a non-mounted one. It was a rather dicey repair to get that old jack out and I got close to losing the pads. Anyway, my Poggy is pogging again!


That's awesome Brian, this is one pedal I wish we could do.
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That is super cool, the inside and design of something like that blows me away.


Pogs is cool.

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That's awesome, rescue and upgrade. A friend had micro pog that was just incredible, never had a chance to sit down with one of the full featured ones, but I'm sure it's great.

I think the only time I've completely lost a pad on a repair was an EHX pedal. For some reason the second any heat touched it the pad just went. :/


Lovely rescue. Too bad they did not pay more attention to the DC jack..
I like looking at things like this and trying to figure out what the knob/switch configuration could look like on the outside and finding the respective pins on the pcb (not knowing what this looks like from the outside). I like how only a minimal part of the big IC actually has connections going out. Imagine what you could do if you'd use the whole IC power...
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It's entirely possible that EHX just standardize on one uP type for ease of inventory, or that it's doing fairly heavy number crunching on those limited number of I/O lines.

Always interesting to see under the lid for this stuff.
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My XO Graphic Fuzz toggle switch is bad. It smd board mounted without a threaded bushing. I question their decisions sometimes...


I completely understand why companies use PCB mount DC jacks.  But they suck.  A lot.  They tend to take quite a beating unless they are secured to the side wall of the enclosure (which creates it's own problems due to draft).
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