Author Topic: Voodoo Lab/DMC GCX audio switcher  (Read 142 times)


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Voodoo Lab/DMC GCX audio switcher
« on: February 05, 2021, 03:52:26 AM »
Maybe silly question, but does anyone own a Voodoo Lab/DMC, GCX audio switcher?
I am working on a DIY Looper/switcher where I want to use the concept of the Looper/analog part from the original, and the digital control is DIY.
The only thing I am not clear yet, is the component data of the capacitor and resistor that is used as an RC network on the coil.
So if anyone has this switcher and has the ability to unscrew the cover, would you be so kind as to take a close-up picture of it? So that I can clearly read the resistor values and capacitor value. And if it is also possible, also photo of the transistor, then I get it right.