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Hello all, looking for a build
« on: May 10, 2021, 04:55:34 PM »
Hello everyone,

I just signed up for this, never been a part of a forum before so Iím pretty pumped. I am a long time guitar player, current GAS-er, and hoping to get into pedal building/modding at a future time (when I have room for a real workstation.) Iíve hand-soldered my patch cables for my past 2 pedalboard builds, and I feel very confident in that, but have yet to even try and pcb work or pedal kits/modding/etc.

I am absolutely in love with my early 2000ís DMM - got it modded by Mr Analogman Mike himself and I have never heard anything so glorious in person (it was a long time dream of mine and it did not disappoint when I actually got it in person.) The problem is, I decided to downsize my board (I was tired of breaking my back every time I moved my board) and no longer have the room for my big box anymore. This isnít the worst thing because the jacks and knobs were getting bumped around traveling - would rather leave it at home to preserve it in all its glory.

I carved out enough room for a 1590bb enclosure (with top jacks) for an analog delay to try and replace it. Iíve gone through a couple but none of them can satisfy that hole in my heart. I am currently using a Tonal Recall (blue knob version) and itís really cool - lots of awesome features - but Iím finding myself not using it close to as much as I used to use my DMM - crazy I know, right?

All this to say, my long journey took me to Reverb where I was able to get in contact with @LaceSensor who did a Total Recall build a while back. He suggested I try and find a builder in the states to contract out a custom build for me using the Total Recall pcb. I would love to see if anyone is able/willing to do this for me. I would love it if anyone had access to some original MN3005 chips for the build (I would for sure pay extra for this) but I would settle for the Xvive repros - definitely wouldnít want the PT2399ís in there. If anyone knows of anyone up for the task please feel free to shoot them in my direction.

I would also like to give a special shout-out to LaceSensor (aka Gigahearts FX) over in the UK - he literally had no reason to help me out with anything and I wouldnít be at this point without him. He is a genuine guy and I would hope anyone over in the UK hit him up for any of your custom pedal needs.