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Deadringer query~ should I mod up the next version?

Started by madbean, December 11, 2011, 08:46:08 AM

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For those of you still interested in building the Deadringer. What do you think of replacing the stock boost of the FD-2 with a true, independent boost?

The FD-2 boost actually just switches in a second pot to add more gain, but does not work independently of the dirt effect. I'm thinking actually switching to a higher gain pot on the dirt side and then making a simple NPN booster as the second "boost" channel that will work on its own, or can be used to boost the overall gain.

So what do you think? Good idea/ Bad idea? All the other options will still work as before, i.e. the mosfet/silicon switching and the vintage, comp cut and flat switch.

For the added boost, I'm thinking either the last gain stage of a Muff or the Electra distortion.


That sounds great.  I never really liked the use of the boost section on the fd2 except for on bass.  For some reason it has a more pronounced boost on bass.  On guitar, it makes a slight difference, but not a ton of boost.  When i built my deadringer, i had just finished a krankosauras and i liked the idea of an indepenent boost, but didn't know how to implement it on the deadringer.  i might build another one if you decide to do it.


I think what I'd like to see is a single pedal version of the FD2. I'd like to see that boost version you suggest, but more intriguing to me would be a 'boostless' version  of the pedal, one that's just the overdrive with the mosfet clipping. and compcut switches. I'm not sure if I would like a version that has the boost side always on, or if it would be as if the boost would be off permanently.

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If you are going to have a two switch pedal then your idea in my opinion is definitely better than the stock setup. I think, however, that I agree with Jacob in that I personally would prefer a single pedal version.


The Green Bean could be adapted to a boostless FD2, but it wouldn't be all that clean. There would be at least a couple components that would have to be wired off-board.



Hey Bean, what about an Ultimate Green Bean layout similar to the mudbunny. With the different values for a couple of tubescreamer derivatives on it. That would be pretty epic. I know the GGG board has the 808, the keeley mod, and expensive boutique mod but your knowledge and board offerings are a little more expansive.

Just an idea.


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