Author Topic: Recommend an volume/buffer pedal  (Read 992 times)


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Recommend an volume/buffer pedal
« on: July 14, 2021, 10:57:02 AM »
I picked up a couple of wah enclosures recently and will be using one for a Vox wah, but want to do a volume pedal out of the other.
Never really looked into them before, but the only active one I've found is the Anderton Volume De-Scratcher circuit.
Is that pretty much the one to build?

I want something that is always on (when I use it), meaning no on/off footswitch and as transparent of a buffer as possible.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Recommend an volume/buffer pedal
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2021, 11:26:42 PM »
Put a switch on your Vox Wah build that disconnects the ground to the 4uf - 4.7uf cap that comes off the inductor.
Boom! Your wah becomes a straight volume pedal that will actually give some transparent boost in the full toe down position. You can use either a small toggle switch on the side, or they do have those "foot-activated" push-button side mount switches as well. This is one of the easiest mods to do to a wah that vastly expands it's functionality.
The other option is just to wire your wah up exactly like the old Maestro Boomerangs. Those were "always on" volume pedals, until you clicked the toe-down switch, and then it was a wah.
In fact, on second thought I would say just build a Maestro Boomerang! Those things sound great, and function better as a volume pedal than a traditional wah circuit because they use a different potentiometer value than usual. There are many sites that show how to add on a buffer circuit to a wah so that it will function better with fuzz pedals and such. So just build a Boomerang with a buffer circuit:  kill two birds with one pedal.
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