Author Topic: Warning about VFE switching PCB (Use the correct RELAY.)  (Read 1202 times)


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Warning about VFE switching PCB (Use the correct RELAY.)
« on: August 29, 2021, 11:59:50 AM »

Be careful when subbing out similar relays. Don't use a "2 coil" relay.
Nothing bad will happen, it simply won't work.

Simple version: don't use the series with "L2" in its name.
I tried Panasonic TQ2-L2-5V, when the correct relay was out of stock,
and it didn't switch. (Actually, it would switch between effect and silence but never dry bypass.)

I swapped the relay with the specified TQ2-L-5V
and it works great! One "L," not two baby.

And that's the only thing I changed so I'm pretty sure that was the culprit.

Captain Obvious, out!

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