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Building à loop switcher. .. With some options

Started by jefbyos, December 25, 2021, 06:02:40 PM

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Hi there

I am looking for the "Perfect Loop switcher" for my needs, and it's driving me nuits ! It's like I was searching for unicorn poo or something :D So I consider building it, using some kits as a base that might provide functionalities I need. Here they are :

- Two loops that I would use for two bass preamp pedals. I have the chance of having these beautiful broughton SV-pre and Fliptop pedals, and I want to switch from one to another using a footswitch that would act as A/B, so like on a two channel amp.
- Two outputs : one will go to an IR loader/DI pedal. The second is meant to feed a "return" of an amplifier loop so to go direct in poweramp. I would love that output to have a volume control and line level amplification,  or at least some kind of boost, because on some amp I don't have a master control of enough level to drive them.
- A third, alway on, loop (for a looper pedal that I use)
- I also would like to have a second footswitch tho mute the outputs (why not bypass as well)
- And last but not least : I would like to be able to control the A/B remotely as well from my Boss MS-3 switcher, using the amp channel output.

I know this is a lot :) But I wouldn't have thought that was so hard to find !!! Actually the boss LS-2 is quite close, with it's two loops with level control with +20 dB output, and the in/out for the looper pedal. Except that it can't keep both send active i believe, while switching only returns - wich would have made my day. Maybe it is moddable... but of course I can't find schematics :( Also, a second challenge would have been the remote control option, I know boss is possible to remote control  as their pedals are buffered using a flip/flop. But there is a but : I would like to be able to use both embedded footswitch and remote control from the MS-3, and the challenge is that when recalling a patch, it should be able to activate the proper loop, whatever the current state is.

So... I found those boards and I thought they could be used for that project :
(Though I am not sure the mixing function would be needed)
I thought I could add two of those relay switching modules
As for the volume and boost for my amp return, I thought this would work

Now maybe I am seeying fairies :) I also am wondering how I could remote-control the relay, so they go to the correct setting (I probably will need to send two different momentary switch command information from the MS-3, one for each "channel", in order to be predictable.

Thank for advice... And to had to courage to read me :D



This out-of-production item doesn't have all the items on your wish list, but it may be a useful starting point.  Two loops with adjustable gain, series or parallel, crossfade option controllable with an expression pedal, 18v supply, balanced and unbalanced ins and outs.  I understand Pigtronix used to do an on-request mod for switchable phase/polarity inversion as well, shouldn't be too hard to add that along with your other ideas.