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GOTA Power Boost (EHX LPB-1)

Started by blackhatboojum, July 27, 2022, 04:35:46 AM

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Special shout out and thanks to @thewintersoldier for hooking me up with this pcb.  Chris has been a huge inspiration to me as a pedal builder and his generosity has helped facilitate some of the best pedal builds I've ever built.  That being said, I present the Guardians of the Analog Power Boost. Essentially, an Electro Harmonix LPB-1 but, designed to fit a 125b enclosure. There's not much to say other than there's no fancy stuff going on with this circuit. It's just a simple, one transistor, make it more loud pedal. That's all it does but, it does it so well. Keeping with the Old West flare I've adapted, I used the best power representing thing I could think of for my art. A steam locomotive.

The locomotive on my enclosure is the Virginia and Truckee No. 11. Also know as the Reno. Built in 1872, she spent a big part of her life hauling passengers from Virginia City to Carson City and Reno. In 1937 she was retired from active service to become a movie star. From 1937 to 1969 the Reno was used in several movies and TV commercials. In 1970 she was sold to Old Tucson studios where she continued her life in television and movies. In 1995 she was damaged by a massive fire which ended her running life. She was later cosmetically restored in 1997 and used in the film Wild Wild West. Since then, she's been on display here at Old Tucson studios. In August of last year, Virginia and Truckee Railroad reacquired the Reno to restore her to operational condition.

So, how about that? Come to look at a build report on a boost pedal and you get some education on a steam locomotive.

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Absolutely smashing build, love the history mate so thanks for that bonus! Graphics look amazing and the splash of colour with the nut sets it off a treat
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Love the aesthetic you've got going here! Cool build and story.


How dare you trick me by enticing me with a pedal and then making me learn something! That artwork is extremely clean for how much detail there is in that image. Awesome job.
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I love everything about this Clinton, fantastic execution. First one out in the wild, can't wait to see what other people do with theirs. Love the graphics!
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Thanks so much for all kind words everyone! 
The kind of guy who sticks a fork in his Dr. Pepper... If you know what I mean.


That's really sharp, great build!


Very nice!

I'm a train buff, I really like this one!
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Bang on! Very nice build and loco!
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