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Troubleshooting signal problems on PCB

Started by Minkifar, July 03, 2022, 12:16:16 PM

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Hi everyone,

I've tried to build my first PCB pedal, Into The Unknown, a synth pedal from Parasite Studios.
It took quite a while, but i just finished it today. Well thats what i thought.

Im having a little hard time troubleshooting where i've gone wrong, so i hope somebody here might have a solution based on my information.

I've tried plugging my new pedal trough to my Linepod GO from Line 6.
Guitar > Pedal > Linepod go.
The LED's are both on and i can hear some "background" synth waveish, and i can even change the noise by turning up and down on the "Rate" and the volume via "Level" knobs. I can here the flickering aswell, while changing the LFO and Octave switches in top.
But nothing from guitar is coming through... i can bypass it by using the tuner and it picks up the signal?
I even tried using a different pedal between to check if the cables are all good.

Might be a long shot and some lack information, but it cluld might be a common issue somebody could explain to me?

So TL:DR; LED's on, signal is coming through While bypass, and i can here the pedal working adjustning the knobs, but it wont pick up my guitar playing?

Thanks in advance!


This might be a good time to try an "audio probe"...easy to build, and you will be able to trace through the the schematic following the audio until it disappears.  That will hopefully narrow down the area with the issue.