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Super Fuzz build

Started by soggybag, July 14, 2022, 09:44:41 PM

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I made some PCBs at Their service is $5 for 10 boards under 100mm. It's so cheap to make boards these I have been doing this before prototyping on perf board or strip board. 

This board had an error. One leg of one cap was connected to the wrong location. I could fix this by mounting the cap on the bottom and running one leg to the correct location.

I milled this box on my desktop mill. I tried a flat end mill instead of the engraving bit. The results were a little ragged.

Here's some more pictures and info:


Nice work! I love the graphics, they're simple yet impactful. I totally feel you on ordering PCBs, it's so quick and easy these days that I almost never order boards from vendors anymore unless they're something special (and usually more complicated than I can manage in my free version of Eagle). It still can't beat vero for spontaneity, though- PCBs still require planning and time for fabrication and shipping, whereas on vero you can take a circuit from an idea to a functional prototype in a single evening. So there's definitely room for both methods in my toolbox  :)
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I really like the "rough" look of the millwork. Looks like it would be a fun finishing technique to play around with.
Now, where can I find space in the shop for a new machine....?
And where can I scrape together some extra $$ to pay for it....?  ;D
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Making boards makes for better builds but the process is different. There's more time spent up front prepping and planning in software. It's a different game.

This mill job had a few problems. It's hard to see in this image but there's a couple deeper gouges where I had trouble getting the depth right. In the end it's good enough rock and roll. Figure you're just stepping on it with your foot.