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BOM/components purchasing

Started by waywardminer, July 11, 2022, 06:07:06 AM

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I've built 2 of the Parasit kits (successfully!) and would like to try my first build from a PCB only (  I've purchased random components before, but never a full BOM.  Is Mouser a good option for a USA purchase?  Somewhere else?


Mouser is good for most stuff, but they don't quite have everything you'll need. Generally between them and Love My Switches you can cover everything you need.


Good for you!

I usually start with a specialized supplier or two, then fill in any missing pieces from Mouser or Digi-Key.  The sources listed and linked in the header of this forum (^^^ at the top of your screen, like Small Bear and StompBoxParts etc) I have found to be reliable sources, and they should have most of what you need.   Sometimes you can get lucky and one supplier will have everything, but I usually plan on at least two different orders per build.  My rationale is that Mouser has millions of customers, while the specialized suppliers depend on us pedal geeks, and I want them to stay in business to support my habit.  Prices are generally pretty similar across suppliers, although Mouser tends to be on the higher end.

Your first build will require the biggest order, but over time you will accumulate extras of the common components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs etc) and will just have to order the unusual items for a particular build (PCBs, pots, knobs.)  If you need a 1k resistor for example, don't buy one, buy 10 or 100, you'll need them again. 



Although a little dated in the ever changing market this guide on the Aionfx site has a lot of good tips about parts sourcing.

+1 to Fair prices on quality components with 24 hr processing of orders. I suggest getting 9mm pots from there among other things.

Be cautious with ebay there are a lot of sub par parts and fake components to be found there. It's currently an easy way to show Ukrainian support by buying germanium transistors, diodes and tubes from sellers there and getting them out of harms way...

I have had good luck getting some harder to source components in quantity from when I could not find another source. They have a quality guarantee and return policy for components that they directly sell. They sell 3rd party components too. The fine print is on their website. They are by no means my go to supplier but definitely a good resource.

And don't underestimate salvaging parts. That old radio might have the germanium transistors for your next fuzz and a casio keyboard hanging out of a dumpster might have a bucket brigade chip that is otherwise hard to source and expensive.


Thanks, all!  I didn't even notice any of the header links before.  Mouser was pretty overwhelming with their massive stock, but stompboxparts is looking a lot friendlier to me!  I'll click around on the others when I get a chance, too.