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The price of speakers

Started by Tremster, October 25, 2022, 06:35:40 PM

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Yeah, I know, inflation, Corona, global supply chains, raw materials... but JESUS CHRIST!
Especially Eminence.
Maybe it's better for guys in the USA, but over here ... phew.


Yeah, speakers (esp Eminence) have been going up in price like bread has. Does the Weston family have some of their money in speakers?


Maybe this is a sign to invest in an IR loader? An IR of your favorite speaker might be the next best thing, and it also allows you to audition speakers before actually buying them.


Quote from: Tremster on October 25, 2022, 06:35:40 PM
Especially Eminence.
Just checked out the Eminence site after reading your post. End-users can't even purchase off their site right now! Only dealers. And yeah, the prices have jacked up, even though it looks like the speakers are exactly the same as 5 years ago.
All these businesses are figuring out that years and years of over-production has created a problem. A typical 12" guitar speaker can last 70 years if taken care of properly. You buy one, and you're done. Same thing with guitars. I don't need or want 50 of them, but companies pump them out as if every guitar player needs that many.
Overproduction creates deficits. Deficits create panic. Panic creates inflation.