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2022 Builds

Started by BrianS, December 18, 2022, 01:01:17 AM

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So here are a few things I've finished up this year.  Once I looked at the boards finished but not boxed I realized I had build more than I thought.  I purchased a Helix Floor last year and that's all I've been using to play at church.  And that in itself is a testimony to how this hobby just grabs you when you continually build these projects knowing you're probably not ever going to do much with them but watch the stack of pedals grow every year LOL.   I hope everyone has a great holidays and wish you all well.

VFE Tractor Beam.  I started this when it first came out I believe in 2018.  Didn't rock it and made the box.  It didn't work.  In the dud box. Over the summer I bought another board rebuilt it and failed again.  Really irritated at this point.  Put it back in the dud box.  Someone posted about using the wrong relay switch on his a couple of months ago so I checked mine and sure enough I had the wrong one (TQ2-L2-5V) in it. Replaced it and OMG it fired up.  Not sure how I missed this because I've build around 10 VFE projects.  Anyway it's a nice sounding pedal.

VFE Bumblebee.  This one went together ok and it worked when plugged in.  Sounds great.

VFE Mobius Strip.  This was another two board mistake but I didn't drill a box for this one.  Not sure what I did on the first board but it wouldn't go.  Second one worked when plugged in.  If you haven't built one of these you can get some real interesting sounds out of it.  It is really a worthwhile pedal but I am a sucker for a 2399 build. 

Degenerator.  Fun/easy 2399 project.  Nice sounding delay.

Charlatan.  This one really peaked my interest when it was released and got me building again.  Excellent sounding pedal.

Aion Redshift.  Much to my surprise this worked when plugged in (my success rate with Aion big builds has not always gone well).  It was a time consumer but worth it at the end.  Sounds beautiful.

And the ones that need to be boxed one day.

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MN, those are beautiful. You gotta try the blueprint delay as well. It's a very nice pedal.

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Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.


Good work, BrianS. I really like the graphic on the mobius strip.
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