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Art Templates for 1590B?

Started by Martial_Sound, December 28, 2022, 12:19:21 AM

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  I'm building a Woodstork and going to have Tayda UV print an enclosure for me. Problem is... there is no place on their site for templates! I see them for drilling but NOT art!
Barbarians In The Age Of Machines


Tayda's user experience is rather lacking, but this is the url with the specs:

The files they have for download are pretty much the same as if you were to manually set the artboard to the mm dimensions they provide. I.e. the "templates" have nothing in them.

However there is one useful file in that list which has the Roland Versaworks swatches in them.

Those swatches are crucial if you want anything beyond the artwork to be printed. I.e. you need the swatches to indicate both white ink and UV-varnish or -matte gloss.

That page is a lot to read, but it has all the details in it.

For the 1590B, artboard size is 56 x 108.50mm

Bear in mind that regardless of yhe intended orientation, all of the artwork and drill marks need to be relative to the enclosure in the vertical position; i.e. width is the smaller number, height the larger.