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Aion Aurum-Biss OD-2r turbo mode

Started by Thewintersoldier, October 19, 2023, 04:45:03 PM

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I've shown this one the past couple build reports in the demo videos so I'll just go ahead and give it a proper build report. I had a previous build report of the Aurum but that was my modified version of the lower gain mode. This pedal is the stock project based on the turbo mode of the OD-2r. The OD-2 was the first all discreet gain pedal from boss and another of the hidden gems out there.

So what's the difference between the two modes? Added gain stage and lower voltage bias for more drive and compression. The turbo mode can do a medium to border line lower high gain sound compared to the low/med drive on the standard mode. This can do some really nice crunch type sounds. It has a nice midrange character but not as pronounced as something like a SD-1.

For the enclosure I decided to take this one in more of a @peccary direction. Aurum means gold and I could have done another yellow drive pedal but went with Melissa Gold aka Songbird (Screaming Mimi) and a cool 80s vibe with lots of pink against a matte dark gray tayda box. All in all it's a nice drive pedal with a nice sound and a different topology and a good build for something a little different.

Who the hell is Bucky?


It's a shame that Goldmember isn't part of the Marvel Universe, really.

Sick work as ever. Never played an OD-2r, (lots of love for the OD-1) but YouTube demos make it sound nice and punchy.


Love the colours... so clean as usual 8)


Superb Chris.  I didn't realize that was discreet and real cool to see without a fleet of trimmers to go with all the transistors.
Gordy Power
How loud is too loud?  What?