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PFUKR info and updates and such

Started by matmosphere, January 20, 2023, 04:26:38 PM

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Hey guys, it's been a longtime and I appologize that things dropped off without much explination. I started a new job and life got really busy, and that basically coencided with running out of stuff to post for auction.

I think things were a huge success. I think we ended up between 7500 and $8000 in donations raised between instagram and the Reverb stuff!!

I'm still crazy busy at work, but with the war about to hit the one year mark I wanted to put out a feeler and see if there is any interest in making another push. Several of you have contacted me at one point or the other about stuff you were working on, so I thought I'd make a post here to check interest and see if anyone finished up anything or would be interested in getting involved.

As always thoughts, questions, ideas, suggestions are very welcome.


I have at least two builds in my pipeline that I wouldn't mind diverting to a donation queue. I need to find time and cooperative weather to get the enclosures finished, but the guts are complete and working.
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I think that I've got another yellow enclosure I can use. If you decide to take on the effort of doing all of the organizing again I can certainly build up a fuzz or distortion for donation.


I am working on two for this and was going to hit you up. If I get my ass in gear I can have them finished by Feb 1st.


Great! You guys are awesome!

Think I'll start posting some teasers on IG toward the end of the week.

I already have two ready to go so I can start with those.

I'm also thinking of making them specific amounts instead of the donation model, maybe just saying make a $150 donation and it's yours or something like that. Just to make it easier for me because I am a little pressed for time. Not sold on that though so I wanted to see what you guys think.


I've got one done, just never made a demo for it. Always have stuff on hand I can put together for the cause.
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I feel confident that I could do one this time around and have it not suck.  :P

Are there circuit preferences, or any builders have dibs on certain ones so we don't have too many duplicates?


I'd be happy to contribute again. I've been a bit slow with building as of late--but I'll try to pull something together.