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Coda Effects Black Hole Build Issue

Started by jazzster, May 05, 2021, 04:57:51 AM

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Hello. I am currently working on a Black Hole build and I am having an issue.

The main part of the pedal works perfectly but the issue I'm having is that the boost section is not working. I have it wired to a 3PDT footswitch as well as an LED. I also turned the 100k boost trimpot into an external pot with a knob. When I hit the footswitch for boost, the LED turns on but all sound cuts out. The other weird thing is that as I turn up the 100k pot the LED will dim.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Cheers.


Pictures might help. Maybe a link to the build doc as well.


Quote from: Matmosphere on May 05, 2021, 07:41:56 AM
Pictures might help. Maybe a link to the build doc as well.

Second this, definitely need pictures to be able to help, also have you emailed Benoit at Coda Effects? He's always been really helpful when I've needed assistance.


Hi. Thank you for the replies. Sorry about not giving proper details. This is my first time posting on the forum. I have included two pictures, the main build doc, and the wiring diagram Benoit gave me for adding a switch and LED for the boost. I emailed Benoit a week or so ago but he must be busy at the moment, which is fine. I figured I would seek some help here in the mean time. I also just wanted to try out the forum thing. If there is any other info or pictures needed please let me know. I have a digital multimeter if any measurements are needed. Thank you so much for the help.


Build doc and wiring diagram from Benoit.


SOLVED. Hi MTK. Thanks for the help. I rewired the switch and got things sorted out over the weekend. The diagram on the left was actually one given to me from Coda but he just drew it up quickly for me so he must not have realized the switch needed to be rotated. All good. Matmosphere was able to catch it and help me out. I appreciate the help though. Thank you everyone for having a look.


Was Checking the Coda Web Site, and the Build Doc for the Black Hole says
Q1/Q5 J201
Q2/Q6 J201
Q3/Q7 J201
Q4/Q8 J201
And yet the parts list denotes only 4 x J201 transistors required, So why the Q1 to Q8 listed in a seperate section as if to imply 8 J201's required? Beats me?


Looking at the documentation it looks like there's provision for using smd or thru hole j201s. Eagle is annoying (not sure about other board layout programs) in that every part needs to be numbered uniquely, so they both can't be Q1, Q2, etc.

That's my read of it, anyway.