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Has Smallbear shipping got even slower?

Started by peAk, February 21, 2023, 07:52:05 PM

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I know Smallbear got purchased a while back but this is the first time I have ordered from them since that happened. Its been over a week and my shipment still hasnt shipped.

Is this the new normal with them?

I don't want to be "that guy" and I am super appreciative that Synth Cube bought them but it just seems a bit extreme to me.


I think it is, sadly  : /

I placed an order last Wednesday and have only gotten the PayPal receipt. Was hoping to start building with that pre-bonded wire hotness, but I'll wait...

I'd be more understanding with some sort of explanation, but with silence, it's kinda worrisome. Not terribly hard to automate process messaging on the back end. Or even a site update.


It usually takes about a week for me to get things from them. It's taken up to two days to fill orders. Maybe they have some staffing issues? You can always reach out to them and ask, the staff is very friendly and helpful in my experience.
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It's been awhile since I ordered, but I remember thinking that SC was a lot faster than SB.  Wouldn't hurt to reach out .


I want to be clear, its been 9 days with "Awaiting Fulfillment"

Back in the day, it would take them 3 or so days to ship it -- with about a week or so to get it, but definitely not this long just to get it shipped.

Betty Wont

All of my recent orders shipped faster than the old days. It might be worth checking in with them. Its unusual.


I 5hibk they are overwhelmed for some reason or another.  Re: the banner at the top of the site
"We are working on orders and emails as fast as we can!

Apologies for the delay!!"

And they had a sale last week.
My order from a week ago posted shipped Saturday I think, but tracking says it hasn't been picked up/not shipped.
I got j201s for $1.30(vs. ~$5)so I'm happy to wait.
I can only imagine the transition hasn't been completely smooth. Synthcube only stocked a few dozen parts IIRC. Going from that to a few thousand parts can't be seamless. And they were back up pand running fairly quick considering that amount of inventory and what I can only imagine is a pretty small staff.   Flip side, BezosMart take 4-5 days to ship something to me at times, so I don't take it personally.
The previous two orders I've made, post sale, shipped within 2-3 days so I'm guessing they have something causing issue as of recent. Benefit of the doubt and all. Maybe they're doing a re-org of the inventory, had a covid/health issue, etc?
IMO, they are an invaluable outlet for the hobby, so I'm happy to wait if needed. In the instant gratification dopamine+MAX world we live in, I can't expect a small business to be perfect. I've yet to have an issue with an order and it's always packed and labeled well.
@jessenator, I've been getting automated updates from them. Maybe check you spam. If you leave something in your cart, it generates a "complete your purchase" email every so often so maybe the reoccurring triggered your filter?
Shoot, my biggest complaint is I wish they'd give you an option to get an excel sheet of your order.  ;D
Seems more temporary setback type of thing, from my perspective.


I can't say I've noticed any issues, all my recent orders have shipped within a few days. Maybe try shooting them an email to see what's up?
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Given that they just had a pretty sweet sale, it doesn't strike me as cause for concern, other than that they are probably understaffed. I ordered at the end of the sale and it says awaiting fulfillment. I'd be concerned if it said NaN or some error code, but as it is, I believe they're being truthful and sincere with their banner message at the top of the page. They're a force of good in the community IMHO, and if they're selling too much too fast it may mean they're healthy enough to stick around as a business.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to call or email about it, other than, you know, Bostonians (kidding!).


I ordered on the 13th and it hasn't shipped yet, FWIW. My first order since the ownership change went out the next day, so I am quite disappointed.  Emailed yesterday to see what's up and no reply yet on that either.


Ahh, I was bypassing the home page, didnt see that message that they were running behind

All good, sh*t happens

the 25% off sale was probably huge for them


Quote from: peAk on February 22, 2023, 11:15:04 AM
Ahh, I was bypassing the home page, didnt see that message that they were running behind

All good, sh*t happens

the 25% off sale was probably huge for them

now I feel bad :/ I missed it as well!


I bought a bunch of transistors during the sale, they shipped them quickly.
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Quote from: peAk on February 21, 2023, 07:52:05 PM
Has Smallbear shipping got even slower?
No. People have gotten slower. It should be a new yellow warning sign posted all over the place:  WARNING:  SLOW PEOPLE.