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80’s computer tester

Started by redkurn, April 04, 2023, 01:13:08 AM

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Found one on the side of the road, spent a hour breaking it down and stripped ribbon cable, wiring that is appropriate pedal building size.

If I post pics of the boards can anyone help identify useful parts?
I see some that looks very useful, transistor, caps and diodes, but there are old IC chips to attempt to salvage if useful for a pedal. 😃




Any of the mcu chips are probably not useful in pedal circuits. Although there might be op-amps and CMOS logic in there that could be.


I was a huge fan of reusing old electronics back in the day. Just make sure you have a good DMM to test stuff before using it.


Sorry guys, been raining here a lot and the cortisone shot in my back has been wearing off. Lucky me 😂

Optimistically I'd like to build one of the fuzz pedals I've been looking at the 4-track fuzz from fuzz dog or even the fuzz from article build your own fuzz pedal.

I doubt I've got the parts for it to be Ge, but something to experiment with, maybe a jen fuzz or something entirely different I hadn't thought of like a amp. 🤷‍♂️

Anyhow I've also got a line 6 vetta amp head that I've been salvaging bits from time to time from for 1/4 jacks or knobs etc. post pics of that shortly to the same folder.


The caps (radial and axial), a diode or two, maybe voltage regulators, and any heat heatsinks.  May have to research the ICs to see if they are useful.


Hope the transistors in there can be used. Maybe experiment with some and see what happens.


I can't look up the p/n right now to check, but the flyback transformer in this pic (couldn't get it to load on mobile for some reason) might be if use to some vintage Mac enthusiasts. The transformers on old monochrome Macs' analogue boards are wearing out and replacements are thin on the ground.


Don't know if it even works.

Found it on the side of the road and stripped it for parts, probably have to test everything. 😂