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WINDBAG volume drops when engaged

Started by Bobb_Lobblaw, May 03, 2023, 02:44:43 AM

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I'll try again...
I'm having an issue with the Windbag.
I get a steep volume drop and a muffled under-the-blanket sound when engaged.
Tracing the audio signal it hits the relay which then sends to R1. The signal going in to R1 is strong..coming out the other leg it's severely dropped and muffled. I reflowed R1, I switched R1 out for another 220K and the same vol. drop/muffle happens. 
If I crank the sound, I can hear everything doing what it's supposed to do delay, reverb, envelope, etc...just at a very low and muffled volume.

I checked the voltages, and they are a bit off, but I'm not sure what to do about that.
Any help is greatly appreciated.




NOPE...I discovered that If if I lower the R1 value, I can get the volume up to a usable level and everything else in the circuit seems to be working fine.
But even if I turn the Reverb & Delay mix knobs down, the alleged "dry" signal still has the muffled LP filter sound.
I was thinking that perhaps R1 is doing its job properly and maybe the op-amp it feeds into is supposed to clean up the audio signal or something else in the circuit. But damn If I can figure out what that is...

Thanks for responding...I thought I might've become digitally invisible.