Author Topic: Windbag issues: R1 resistor severely muffling/dropping audio signal volume  (Read 143 times)


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Hello all,
I'll try again...
I'm having a hopefully simple issue with the Windbag.
 It works, but I get a steep volume drop and a muffled under-the-blanket sound when the pedal is engaged.
Tracing the audio signal it hits the relay which then sends to R1. The signal going in to R1 is strong..coming out the other leg the vol. is severely dropped and muffled and flows through the rest of the circuit at that unusable volume.
 I reflowed R1, I switched R1 out for another 220K, and then reflowed that one too..and the same vol. drop/muffle happens.
If I crank the amp, I can hear everything else on the pedal doing their respective jobs; delay, reverb, envelope, etc, and sounds cool! It's just at a very low volume.

I checked the voltages, and they are a bit off, but I don't think they're showstopping bad. I subbed a TL072 for the OPA2134 and a TC1044SCPA for the 7662B. My DMM doesn't do mV, so my TL072 voltage measurement is incomplete. sorry.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.