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Funk Soul Brother - RCC into NE-1

Started by Willybomb, June 05, 2023, 02:21:56 PM

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Gudday all.  Nothing super exciting to see here really, basically rehousing a couple of the boards from my Random Stranger build years ago.

I'd removed the XLR driver and used it in an amp build last year, and cannibalised the footswitches from Random Stranger a while ago and decided I'd recycle the main boards into something smaller.  So, here's Funk Soul Brother, featuring the usual current amount of graphical inspiration I don't have and datapol on black etching primer.  The box was recycled from a TDA amp project that was super noisy and didn't make the cut.

This works as expected.  The NE-1 only makes unity with full volume, so maybe there's something grounding that shouldn't be but I did sub the original 20kB pot for a 10kB just to finish it off.

Lots of spaghetti, but I've given up on trying to make multis on vero look good inside.

Original build:


Very nicely executed.

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Nice work, my dude!


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