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Emerald Phaser-Redux

Started by Thewintersoldier, June 05, 2023, 12:41:13 PM

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This is not my first time building this pedal, but I did go about it different this time. The first time I built it I used a matched smd jfets set from Aion. This go round, I decided to go through 50 smd mmbf5457 I had on hand and make my own sets, and it was worth it because in the end I think it turned out great.

This is one of two concurrent builds and is going to my homie @blackhatboojum Clinton is one hell of a guy and I wanted to make him one for father's day. He's the only person stuck in the past with me when it comes to pedals and we often talk about the nuances of old analog pedals, especially modulation and delay. Last year we took a deep dive on the phase90 and built some that incorporated mods that we discussed and implemented in our builds. That lead to me building the PH-1R and Clinton has always wanted to try one after I described it as the "deluxe" phase90, and I stand by that statement.

Other than the hand sorting tiny jfets the build was simple and straightforward with simple calibration. I wanted to make this one different from my last build of this which featured a green enclosure with Man-Thing, so this time I used a matte black enclosure and went with a green goblin theme. None more green, I used a green LED, small bear wire and green boss style knobs. Really happy with how it turned out and I hope he enjoys it. The other build which I need to box up still, is going on a dedicated bass board because this phaser is also killer on my Pbass. Quick sound clip I recorded while fine tuning the bias trimmer shows the phaser clean and with overdrive before my OD-1 build. If you're looking for a versatile phaser that's not ota or optical I highly recommend this.

Who the hell is Bucky?


Oh wow, that's killer. I do love a good phaser.

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Pedal building is like the opposite of sex.  All the fun stuff happens before you get in the box.


Primo build, Chris! 

What sort of set up did you use to test the SMD JFETs?  I'm picturing some tweezer apparatus  :o


Quote from: Bio77 on June 05, 2023, 05:23:40 PM
Primo build, Chris! 

What sort of set up did you use to test the SMD JFETs?  I'm picturing some tweezer apparatus  :o
You got it John. I can't justify the nearly 200 bucks for a dca75 and the extra 40 for the smd adapter. I'm using my trusty old 2018 Vero jfet tester and an smd adapter board blue tacked and socketed to the tester. Hold down a jfet, record the readings, set it in the tape and record the readings. After a reel of 50 I had the two sets I needed. One with a spread  of .01v of highest to lowest and the other with .008v. totally worth it.

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Who the hell is Bucky?


Damn man!  I don't know what to say other than, thank you so much!  This build fornicates and fornicates hard. 

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That clip was awesome, thanks for sharing! There's something really pleasing about the sweep shape to my ears.

And that tester is fantastic!
I sometimes label builds rockwright


Totally dig it, Chris. Fantastic work!