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strange sounds on the EDGELORD

Started by giantiri69, April 14, 2023, 03:34:35 PM

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Hello everybody, First of all I must excuse because I dont speak english so fluently, so you should forgive me and hope you will understand what I am talking about...
I have just finished the building of an EDGELORD, and before to box, I have tried it as I always do.
Checked all the voltages and they are okay, tried the sounds with a bass track on a looper and....
well, here comes the problem !
I mean the autowah plays quite good and similar to the original, that I own.
But the synth 1 and 2 plays nice until half of the resonance and frequency pots.
As I turn them towards the maximum,  it comes out with very loud whistles and any sort of eletronic "high" sounds, very annoyng and dangerous for the ears!!
It seems to me that the problem is coming by the cap  c8 , the 820 pf, because putting some larger values it stops "whistling", but change brutally all the response of the pedal and the sounds are not like before.
Could it depend from an impedance issue ?
I mean , running a looper into it is not like playing a bass in it, so maybe...Just wondering,
I am a newbie in this world and I have built overdrive and fuzz most of all till now.
I am very happy that everything is working, and even the box is coming out nice,till now..
But the Ibanez SB7 doesn t reach that kind of hiss and whistles, so where did I fail ?
Maybe you will need some photos from the pcb ?
When I ll come home I can upload it.
Thank you very much for your attention , any kind of help will be very appreciated.
Bye , Gianmarco.


Maybe the problem will be tamed once you box it from the RFI shielding of the metal enclosure.
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The looper most likely has a buffer in it, try running straight through with your bass and see what happens. After that, check all you value a and polarities and reflow your solder joints.

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